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The Chair benefits from an exceptional research environment in the Department of Civil Engineering and Building Engineering. A. Tagnit-Hamou is notably director of the cement and concrete group, a center bringing together 4 professors who pool their expertise (physico-chemistry, microstructure, performance, durability and rheology), in the field of construction materials. In addition to the students and research assistants of each professor, the group employs 6 laboratory technicians with a combined 75 years of experience.


The group's researchers have acquired, over several years, extensive experience in the field of characterization and development of new types of concrete with new materials, as is the case for BHP containing silica fume. In view of the expertise acquired in the field of the development of compound cements, Professor Tagnit-Hamou's team works above all to propose respectful alternatives with regard to the conservation of resources and energy through the use of -industrial products in concrete.


The UdeS also provides the holder with unique infrastructures which constitute a major contribution to the Industrial Chair and will allow researchers and students to carry out their activities in the best conditions.

A. Tagnit-Hamou has access to theMaterials Research and Analysis Platform (PRAM), a laboratory for the manufacture and testing of concrete, and environmental chambers for accelerated aging tests of concrete. The PRAM is equipped with recent technology devices, such as a field effect SEM and an X-ray diffractometer.


Since 2009, the Department of Civil and Building Engineering has had a unique laboratory in North America, the result of $16 million in funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Government of Quebec. This integrated laboratory for the valorization of innovative materials and structures includes cutting-edge equipment such as a variable pressure SEM. It also includes all the cutting-edge equipment for mechanical testing, including a pilot concrete plant and an 11.4 MN press. The holder's team has access to this laboratory and its equipment.

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